The Growing Edge

Events, Retreats & Podcast

with Carrie Newcomer & Parker J. Palmer

The Growing Edge is an exciting new collaborative endeavor with Carrie Newcomer and beloved author, Parker J. Palmer. The Growing Edge will include retreats, a monthly podcast, online conversation and spoken words and music events.

The Growing Edge | Carrie Newcomer & Parker J Palmer
Parker J Palmer

Parker J. Palmer is a writer, teacher, and activist whose growing edge is learning how to live an engaged and creative life as an elder on “the brink of everything.”


What's the Growing Edge in your life?

Life forever invites us to grow into new challenges, new adventures, new opportunities to learn and to serve.

What’s your growing edge? Maybe it’s a quest for meaning or purpose. Or for a vocation where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need. Or for ways to join others in working for the common good. Whatever it may be, you’re invited to join us in this online and in-person gathering of people who seek to grow toward the light, even in times of darkness.

Through online conversations, podcasts, and face-to-face retreats—supported by prose, poetry, and music—together we’ll explore where life is calling us next.


The Growing Edge Podcast

With Carrie Newcomer & Parker J. Palmer

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“Carrie Newcomer is the most insightful and lyrical singer-songwriter I know…”
— Parker J. Palmer