Betty’s Diner The Musical

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About Betty’s Diner

Music  and Lyrics  © 2005 –2017 Carrie  Newcomer; Book © 2009  –2017 Carrie Newcomer and  Richard K. Thomas Music Direction and Orchestrations © 2013–2017 Gary  Walters

Betty’s  Diner, has  been a family  business for three  generations. The diner  has become something of  an institution in a small college town in Southern Indiana  near Indianapolis. The regulars and  refugees of Betty’s Diner are a humorous  and somewhat gritty collection of regular customers  that create the fabric of a deep community.

We are now in conversations with interested theater companies and spiritual communities about bringing Betty’s Diner: The Musical to your hometown.


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From the Purdue University Main Stage Production of Betty’s Diner: The Musical

“Here we are all in one place, the wants and wounds of the human race, despair and hope sit face to face when you come into the cold. Let her fill your cup with something kind, eggs and toast like bread and wine, she’s heard it all so she don’t mind.”

Carrie Newcomer -from the song Betty’s Diner