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Carrie performs concerts in a wide variety of musical venues, colleges, conferences, spiritual community, and retreats. She performs in intimate solo and duo settings as well as with her full band.

Workshops, Retreats and Presentations | Carrie Newcomer

Workshops, Retreats and Presentations

Our Lives as Sacred Story: A Creative Exploration Of The Heart and Spirit of Our Experience

Carrie Newcomer invites participants to explore the depth and value of our own stories. When we frame our individual and community stories through a spiritual lens, it changes how we see ourselves and the world. This class explores paying attention and honoring our daily experiences. Carrie will use conversation, exploratory writing, music, group and individual experiences. This workshop has been developed to be very safe and encouraging. It welcomes all, including those who have previous experience in writing, songwriting or creative expression, as well as those who are interested in exploring new ways to tell their own personal and spiritual story.

The Beautiful Not Yet - Hope, Hard Times, Faithfulness and Possibility

“Hope is holding in creative tension all that is, with all that could and should be, and everyday taking some action to narrow the distance between the two.”  Parker J. Palmer In this mini retreat participants will explore maintaining hope and our ability to envision during times of individual and community challenge.  We will look how the process of keeping things human size helps us to experience the work of compassion, love, justice and spiritual awakening through the lens of faithfulness.  Participants will consider the things that have helped them maintain hope in the past as well as ponder if those things are still available to us, and if so how do we access them.  Sometimes we see the fruit from the trees we plant. Sometimes we rest in knowledge that the seeds we plant are an act of hope and faith, regardless of the seeable results. In this retreat, Carrie will use music, poetry, reflective writing, small and large group discussion.

Writing Mindfully: Exploring The Sacred Ordinary

Songwriters, poetry, and prose writers of all experience levels are welcome to explore writing as a spiritual practice in this workshop. It focuses on the paying attention to the details, honoring our daily experiences and moving our experiences to a creative expression. Carrie has presented this workshop in spiritual and secular settings throughout the United States in a safe, and nurturing context.

Writing Mindfully: Exploring The Sacred Ordinary in Song

This workshop is similar to the Writing Mindfully workshop, but is limited to songwriters, focusing on authentic voice and effective song craft in the American folk and pop traditions. Carrie can work with students in a group setting or in individual sessions focusing on songwriting, performance, craft, and philosophy. Carrie will often co-write one-on-one with advanced students or create songs in group settings so that students can experience the songwriting process in a fun and encouraging context.

All Together Now: A Community Songwriting Experience

In this workshop or classroom experience Carrie will lead a class or group through the steps of identifying a theme, developing language and music, and creating a song as a group. The entire process happens within one class session in a fast paced, fun and inclusive experience. It allows participants to consider a topical theme and move it into artistic expression, exploring  a new kind of “knowing” and how topic can be embodied in powerful ways through music.

The Art of Resistance and Welcome:  Expanding Compassion, Holding Paradox

This mini retreat is an exploration how to resist an ideology of fear and division, while embracing a new story of empowerment, welcome and interdependence. In a time when many of us are feeling overwhelmed and disheartened Carrie affirms that what we need is here – within us and between us.   Carrie will incorporate music, small and large group discussion and creative/reflectional exercises to help frame what undermines our personal/community health and well-being, explore the practices to help us become more resilient, and what it means to center ourselves in daily, hopeful and life-giving action. This workshop will be conducted in a safe and respectful atmosphere.


Song & Spoken-Word Stage Shows

With Carrie Newcomer, Parker J. Palmer and Gary Walters

Weaving music with the spoken word, these two stage shows engage both the heart and the mind around growing edge question in areas ranging from personal to political life.

What We Need Is Here: Hope, Hard Times & the Human Possibility.

Join Parker J. Palmer (Writer, teacher and activist and founder of The Center for Courage and Renewal) Carrie Newcomer (Grammy songwriter, Quaker based right here in Indiana) and Gary Walters (Musician, recording artist composer and Butler University faculty) in a dynamic interweaving of music, poetry, prose, personal story, and audience participation. It addresses our individual and collective yearning for a human scale way of understanding and responding to the challenges of the hard times we're living in,moving beyond powerlessness about a world that appears overwhelming and invincible by activating the powers of the human heart and the human community.

Healing the Heart of Democracy: A Gathering of Spirits for the Common Good.

This show is based upon the book “Healing The Heart of Democracy” By Parker J. Palmer. a dynamic weaving of song and spoken word that invites us to co-create “a politics worthy of the human spirit.”


For booking inquiries, please contact our agent, Mike Green, at Mike Green & Associates. (734) 769-7254.

Betty's Diner the Musical

Betty’s Diner the Musical

Music  and Lyrics  © 2005 –2017 Carrie  Newcomer; Book © 2009  –2017 Carrie Newcomer and  Richard K. Thomas Music Direction and Orchestrations © 2013–2017 Gary  Walters

Betty’s  Diner, has  been a family  business for three  generations. The diner  has become something of  an institution in a small college town in Southern Indiana  near Indianapolis. The regulars and  refugees of Betty’s Diner are a humorous  and somewhat gritty collection of regular customers  that create the fabric of a deep community.

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Sanctuary: The Carrie Newcomer Collection of Solo and Choral Arrangements.

Music/Lyrics by Carrie Newcomer  

Arrangements by Gary Walters

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Other Projects

  • Transformative Stories with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

  • The Growing Edge with Parker J. Palmer


For booking inquiries, please contact our agent, Mike Green, at Mike Green & Associates. (734) 769-7254.


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“To my mind - a writer’s mind - Carrie Newcomer is much more than a musician. She’s a poet, storyteller, snake-charmer, good neighbor, friend and lover, minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope and grace.”
— Barbara Kingsolver