The Point of Arrival


The Point of Arrival


This is an album about beginnings and endings, love and grief, being in process, miracles and possibility, and living in the kind of times that ask us to be better people than we ever thought we would need to be.  This album features the amazing talents of Tristan Claridge, Alex Hargreaves, Joe Phillips, Jordan Tice, Moira Smiley and Gary Walters.

“Even in the darkest places, we are met by unexpected light, grace and help, honorable companions, and occasionally a miracle” – Carrie Newcomer

Track Listing:

  • Learning to Sit With Not Knowing

  • Writing a Better Story

  • The Point of Arrival

  • It’s Always Love

  • The Shelter of the Sky

  • Impossible, Until It’s Not

  • That’s the Way These Things Go

  • Everything We Need

  • The Plumb Line

  • The Only Way Through is In

  • The Brink of Everything

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“In this extraordinary collection of new songs, Carrie Newcomer traces the journey of a life –hers, mine, yours, ours –from a place of “not-knowing” to the “point of arrival.” It’s a promising and perilous journey on which all of us must find our own way. But if we’re lucky, we will be graced with companions who understand the road’s demands and rewards, and encourage us to walk on. Newcomer’s lyrics, music, and voice embody the paradox I need to stay the course: they are deeply rooted in the earthiness of life, and yet transcendent and transparent in a way that fills me with light. This is music to put ground under your feet and lift under your wing, a precious gift from one well-lived life to others.” -Parker J. Palmer (author of On the Bring of Everything)

Image by Hugh Syme.