The Geography of Light

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The Geography of Light Cover.jpg

The Geography of Light


The Geography of Light, the latest Rounder recording from folk-roots artist Carrie Newcomer, is a resonant soundtrack for a world that is both sacred and ordinary. Newcomer sings about serious subjects with clarity and elegance, and a healthy measure of good humor and self-awareness, with a voice the Austin Statesman has called "as rich as Godiva chocolate." Her music resonates with Appalachian and classical influences, and The Geography of Light combines piano, violin, mandolin, cello, bass, percussion, and harmony vocal textures with Newcomer's adept guitar work and powerful but intimate vocals. The result is an exceptional album that captures the light and shadow in all of our lives.


  1. There Is A Tree

  2. The Clean Edge Of Change

  3. A Map Of Shadows

  4. Geodes

  5. Two Toasts

  6. Where You Been

  7. Biscuits And Butter

  8. A Mean Kind Of Justice

  9. Leaves Don’t Drop (They Just Let Go)

  10. You’d Think By Now

  11. One Woman And A Shovel

  12. Lazarus

  13. Throw Me A Line

  14. Don’t Push Send


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