The Gathering of Spirits

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The Gathering of Spirits Cover.jpg
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The Gathering of Spirits


The Gathering of Spirits is Carrie's first studio recording in two years and certainly is worth the wait--many will say, it is the definitive album of her career. The title track features a beautiful harmony vocal by the renowned Alison Krauss, and the entire album is lush with piano, violin, cello, mandolin and other acoustic instruments. Long-time producer-engineer Mark Williams joined Carrie in co-producing this album, which is perhaps best described in her own words: "This is a quieter, more acoustic album than my past few releases. I seemed to have an outpouring of music in the months after 9/11. These songs are not about that event in particular, but they do reflect what I was thinking about during those months. It's an album about courage and change, about perseverance and bewilderment, tenderness and anger; it's about being shaken to the core and where I stand, what we've lost and what lasts."


  1. Holy As A Day Is Spent

  2. Straight To The Point

  3. I’ll Go Too

  4. The Gathering Of Spirits (feat. Alison Krauss)

  5. The Fisher King

  6. Little Earthquakes

  7. There And Back

  8. Silver

  9. I’m Still Standing

  10. I Heard An Owl

  11. The Things I’ve Gone And Done


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