Regulars And Refugees

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Regulars and Refugees Cover.jpg
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Regulars And Refugees


Carrie Newcomer's tenth and newest album, Regulars & Refugees, is set for release on Philo/Rounder Records on August 9th. In addition to a remix of the track Betty"s Diner, the 13 new songs on the album take the listener inside the world of that very same diner, a songwriting tour de force that only a veteran like Newcomer can pull off. This is more than a concept album, however. It's a collection of well-hewn stories that stand on their own while standing together to say something important and true about the human condition.


  1. Angels Unaware

  2. Be True

  3. Nothing’s Ever Wasted

  4. I Fly

  5. Alice And Roy

  6. Arthur B and Bob

  7. Five Years On

  8. La Paloma

  9. All Saints’ Day

  10. Below The Waves

  11. There Is A Spirit

  12. A Coal Red Sky

  13. Before The Fall

  14. Betty’s Diner - Remix


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