Kindred Spirits: A Collection


Kindred Spirits: A Collection


On November 13, 2012, Rounder Records released a new compilation of Carrie Newcomer music entitled Kindred Spirits: A Collection. This generous collection of 19 songs draws from Newcomer’s catalogue of 12 Rounder Records releases. It also includes two previously unreleased songs, two songs from her special hunger benefit project (Everything is Everywhere) featuring Indian classical sarod masters Amjad Ali Khan, Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan, as well as two currently unavailable live recordings.
The two new songs, “The Speed of Soul” and “A Long Christmas Dinner” were recorded and produced by Newcomer, Robert Meitus and David Weber at Airtime Studios. “The Speed of Soul” is a poignant exploration of a more deliberate relationship to time in an increasingly fast-paced culture. “A Long Christmas Dinner” creates a portrait of life and family as part of an ongoing continuum. In the songs “I Believe,” “Geodes” and “Holy as a Day is Spent,” Newcomer quietly and beautifully describes the presence of something extraordinary in the midst of our ordinary days. She sings, “God walks around in muddy boots, sometimes rags and that’s the truth” and “Folding sheets like folding hands, to pray as only laundry can.” “Before and After” explores the large and small experiences by which we mark our lives through a haunting duet with Mary Chapin Carpenter, resulting in a remarkable combination of two of acoustic music’s most rich and resonant females. “The Gathering of Spirits,” featuring Alison Krauss, is a clear voiced and crystalline celebration of this twinkling moment in time we call life. “Betty’s Diner” is a hymn to the human condition and the presence of grace in something as small as a shared meal or cup of coffee - “Here we are all in one place, the wants and wounds of the human race. . .let her fill your cup with something kind, eggs and toast like bread and wine.” Also included are the spiritual and tender “Sparrow” and the wry and raucous “Where You Been.” The sensual “I Do Not Know Its Name” describes poetically and lyrically the sacred we experience, but that which cannot be named. Reaching into her early work, “A Whole Lot of Hope,” “Bare to the Bone” and “My True Name” are beautiful snapshots of what has always been present in Newcomer’s songwriting and has only deepened and expanded with each recording.

The result is Kindred Spirits: A Collection - a resonant soundtrack for a world that is both sacred and ordinary, reflective and forward thinking.


  1. The Speed Of Soul

  2. I Believe

  3. Breathe In Breathe Out

  4. There Is a Tree

  5. Geodes

  6. The Gathering of Spirits

  7. Sparrow

  8. I Do Not Know Its Name

  9. Before and After

  10. Betty’s Diner (remix)

  11. Where You Been

  12. Angels Unaward

  13. Two Toasts

  14. Holy as a Day is Spent

  15. If Not Now

  16. My True Name

  17. A Whole Lot of Hope

  18. A Long Christmas Dinner

  19. Bare To The Bone


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