Before and After


Before and After


Before and After combines the very best of Newcomer’s folk-roots sound, overlaid with Appalachian and classical influences. Critics have praised the album stating “The singer-songwriter crafts compositions that are as meaningful as they are lovely. The melodies are memorable, the lyrics eloquent. And they’re delivered to perfection via her rich, warm, soulful voice.” – The San Jose Mercury News


  1. Before and After

  2. Ghost Train

  3. I Do Not Know Its Name

  4. Stones in the River

  5. If Not Now

  6. A Small Flashlight

  7. I Meant to Do My Work Today

  8. A Simple Change of Heart

  9. Hush

  10. Coy Dogs

  11. Do No Harm

  12. I Wish I May I Wish I Might

  13. A Crash of Rhinoceros


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