A Permeable Life


A Permeable Life

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On this album, Newcomer’s signature deep voice takes on a quiet conversational tone, close and intimate. Open and elegant arrangements showcase lyrics that balance introspection and interior monologue with love and fascination for the shared human story in songs such as:

“Every Little Bit of It,” “A Light in the Window,” and “Writing You a Letter,” in which small experiences take on the glow of knowing we do not live days, but moments. “The Ten O’clock Line” and “Abide” (co-written with author Parker J. Palmer), explore themes of loss and new thresholds, musing on the possibility that what may look like a hole in one’s life, may be only a space. “A Room at the Table” and “An Empty Chair” call us to allow the troubled world to transform and move us to action. “Forever Ray” and “Don’t Put Me On Hold” reflect Newcomer’s mischievous humor, the first celebrating love and lawn ornaments and the latter bemoaning customer service lines.

Limited Edition Vinyl includes free digital download!


  1. Every Little Bit of It

  2. The Ten O’clock Line

  3. Writing You a Letter

  4. A Light in the Window

  5. The Work of Our Hands

  6. Abide

  7. Room at the Table

  8. Thank You Good Night

  9. Forever Ray

  10. An Empty Chair

  11. Visitation

  12. Please Don’t Put Me on Hold


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