Sanctuary: A Carrie Newcomer Songbook

Words and Music by Carrie Newcomer

Arrangements by Gary Walters


Sanctuary: A Carrie Newcomer Collection contains 14 songs (in piano/voice/guitar form and 4 choral arrangements. Also included in this collection are simplified guitar/voice arrangements for new instrumentalist), two original poems and an Gary Walters solo piano arrangement of “The Clean Edge of Change.” from his album The Way Through.

Songs Included:

  • A Light in the Window

  • Bare to the Bone

  • Betty’s Diner

  • Geodes

  • Holy As The Day Is Spent

  • I Believe

  • If Not Now

  • Lean In Toward The Light

  • Room at the Table

  • Sanctuary

  • Silver

  • The Clean Edge of Change

  • The Gathering of Spirits

  • You Can Do This Hard Thing