Encountering Silence: Carrie Newcomer- Silence, Song, Blessing, and Waiting 2-Part Podcast

Check out Carrie’s wonderful conversation with the folks at Encountering Silence about silence, song, blessing, and waiting. She joins hosts Carl McColman, Cassidy Hall, and Kevin Johnson in discussion of how silence is pertinent to song and everyday life.

Listen now:

Part One: https://encounteringsilence.com/carrie-newcomer-silence-song-blessing-and-waiting-part-one/

Part Two: https://encounteringsilence.com/carrie-newcomer-silence-song-blessing-and-waiting-part-two/

“To do music you have to be comfortable with silence… a song without the pauses is just cacophony. You have to be able to breathe, and take a breath. Juxtaposition: the sound, and the moments of pause.” — Carrie Newcomer