Traveling from Certainty to Mystery: Navigating Shadows and Light


Most of us don’t live completely in the shadows, or completely in the light, but experience life — and the sacred‚ like the overlapping phases of the moon. We sense the sacred not as a beam of bright sunlight, but more like dappled rays shining through the leaves of a tall tree. Our culture — and often our spiritual communities‚ are uncomfortable with the idea that times of blessing and sorrow can overlap, encouraging us to believe it is possible to navigate our lives with the kind of certainty that GoogleMaps and GPS promise. But, when something in our lives shifts, we encounter the limits of predictability and certainty and we enter into uncharted territory. The easy answers don’t work, the old maps too confining. This workshop will explore what it means to navigate our lives with a sense of mystery and wonder. It will ask the question, how can we see in the interplay of shadow and light opportunities to explore the sacred, in its complexity, in new ways? We will draw on multiple spiritual sources and practices to explore together the journey from certainty to Sacred Mystery. Ring Lake Ranch, a non-profit retreat center, was founded in 1966 for the renewal of mind, body, and spirit, all experienced in sharing the wonders of our unique Rocky Mountain environment. The Ranch provides opportunities for spiritual growth, community, intellectual stimulation, horseback riding, hiking, and a variety of outdoor experiences. To register for a stay at the Ranch, please contact: Amanda Verheul at or call 307.455.2663. Ring Lake Ranch P.O. Box 806 Dubois, Wyoming 82513 (888) 458-5253 (307) 455-2663

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