"The Beautiful Not Yet," is Carrie's sixteenth studio recording was produced by Jayme Stone(The Lomax Project), engineered and mixed by David Weber at Airtime Studios and will be in stores September 16, 2016 on Available Light Records, distributed by MRI/Sony Red Music.  Join Carrie on this recording is a collection of diverse and unique artists including Gary Walters, Jayme Stone, Natalie Haas, Sumaia Jackson, Joe Phillips,  Moira Smiley, Jordan Tice, Krista Detor and Chloe Grace

Many of the songs that appear on this collection were created out of her ongoing creative/spiritual conversation with dear friend and collaborator, Parker J. Palmer, (The Courage to Teach, Let Your Life Speak), and the creation of their new spoken word and musical collaboration What We Need is Here: Hope, Hard Times and Human Possibility.

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