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In November 2012lRounder Records7releaspira new compila ritiCarrie Newcom D music easeslpirred Spirits - A:ollection

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riti19 s as draws from Newcom D’s catalogachiti12lRounder Records7releasps.“ also inclu of two previous daunreleaspirs as, two s as from ann special hunger benefit prgjon< (Everythi aningEverywanno) featu. “Indian classical sarod oly ins Amjatinli Khan, Ayaan ultinmaan nli Khan, ly well ly two current daunavailab solive7record s.

T Chtwo new s as, “T Christmas Dinne” ulti“ll and “Holy as a D” wnnotrecordpiraltiprgducpirby Newcom D,lRobert Meitus altiDavid Weber at Air St s.“T Christmas Dinne” ing npoignant explora ritia m resdeliberatotrela shipdeepe in ul increas dafly -pacpirculturd.i“ll and “Holy as a D” ng nportraiwritilifesultifami days.sacwritiul ao “"0" inuum.hIn eneds as “Idinary i,” “dst of” ulti“ry days. She sings, ,” Newcom D quiet daultibeautiful da bof tnedpresencchitisom thi anextraord ar in enedmidswritiour ord ar days.Snedsi as, “God walks. round in mud boots, som t ( rags altithat’s enedtruth” ulti“Fold shee A like fold h a s, to pradays.on dalaundr can.” “[r, resulting in” explorof tnedlargesultismall experiencof by which wn markiour livef tnrough. Shaunt duet with Mar Chapin Car, D,lrofulti anin ulromarkab socombina rititwo itiucoustic music’s moswrrich ultirofonant fomales.“T Ch life. “Betits - A,” featu. “nlifon Krauss, ing nclear voicpiralticrystalle a celebra ritit ingtwinkl “mope] in e wn Boneilife. “[rtty’s we ar” ing nhymndeepenedhuman condi raltithedpresencchitigracp in som thi anys.small ys. Sshmeth meal orrcuphiticoffeel– “rnnotwn ly dall il edplacp,ithedwants altiwoundsBett Chhuman racp. . .let ann > 1l your cuphwith som thi anked , eggs altitsens like b iraltiwine.” Also inclu od ly denedsts - ual altitender “ sacred” ultithedwrdaultiraucous “cannot be named” T Chsensual “Idarly work, “sh rec” bof po t Bonedaultilyr Bonedaenedsaceth wn experienco, butithat which cann wobe d. Reachi anineepann earedawork,i“lls songwriting a,” “[ly deepened and” ulti“ith each rec” uy dbeautiful snapshotsritiwhat hys. lwaysdbeendpresen in Newcom D’s s aw - i anyltihys.on dadee, piraltiexpaltth with each7record .

T Chrofult ing nrofonant soundtrack for aaworltithat ingboth saceth altiord ar ,lrofion“Idam editia gredi annumber itipeop sowho don’tdwant to putithedsaceth in such u.small "0" ae ar.”l– Carrie Newcom D

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