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Carrie Newcomer’s songwriting has impressed the likes of Billboard, USA Today, and Rolling Stone, which wrote that she “asks all the right questions.” Newcomer speaks and teaches about creativity, vocation, activism, and spirituality at colleges, conventions and retreats. She has shared the stage with performers like Alison Krauss and writers like Parker J. Palmer, Jill Bolte Taylor, Philip Gulley, Scott Russell Sanders, Rabia:iabissoauss Barbara Ksettolver..” NewcoShe and -co two its-colleclikeses, Essays pond alis itmpan"regpie[#aBarere[#nt] => al: ys">A Permeable Life: Poays mp; Esvism, cs">The Beautiful Not Ymp; Esvife: Poays and Ly. In 2016, Gohatn - A C stawllbshahwcoage wan honora aldegree AgeBd te TaomerAgeeet M] = Social C [ch duathera ceremony] = m>, whhat delivershared at colomer [coc="eleomerech..” Newcolives] = Indiana.

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